Located in Glastonbury, CT, our compassionate team at Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve the medical needs of our pet community. While we provide different services and treat different types of conditions, one common procedure is neutering.

We can work with pet owners and educate them on the importance of neutering their pets; not only to prevent procreation, but for the behavioral and health benefits as well.


What Is Neutering?

Neutering is the surgical removal of the testes in male animals. It prevents the ability for the animal to impregnate females. It is generally recommended that pets be neutered while they are still young and the procedure will likely be discussed at your initial puppy and kitten care exam.

What Are the Benefits to Neutering?

As discussed, neutering is beneficial because it can help control the pet population. It also has some health and behavioral benefits, including:

●          Reduction of prostate cancer

●          Lower rate of infection

●          Calmer and more affectionate

●          No running or wandering (to mate)

●          No marking territory

●          Less fighting with other dogs

●          Longer lifespan than non-neutered pets

What Happens on the Day of Surgery?

When you arrive at the animal hospital the day of your pets' surgery, your pet will first be given a pre-op exam to ensure he is healthy enough for surgery. Anesthesia will be administered, and the procedure will be done. After the surgery, your pet will be fitted with a collar (to prevent him from licking the incision), and will be placed in recovery for some time.

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