Preventative Care

Preventive Care Services

Witnessing your beloved pet suffering from illness symptoms can be heartbreaking. No pet owner ever wants to witness that, but merely wishing for illness to stay away is not enough. You must also take an active role in preventing them. At Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital, we offer preventive vet services to all residents of Glastonbury, CT.

Preventative Care

Don’t bother searching for a “veterinarian near you” on your smartphone if you're seeking a provider of comprehensive vet services. We already provide all the preventive pet care services your animal companion needs.

Wellness Check-Ups

Wellness check-ups are vital for keeping your pet in good health. These check-ups can uncover developing illnesses in your furry friend and alert your veterinarian to symptoms that aren’t immediately apparent. At a minimum, you should schedule annual wellness check-ups for your pet. You may need to schedule more frequent check-ups if your pet has previously suffered from medical issues.


Bloodwork is another crucial element of proper pet care. Ideally, a veterinarian should be able to conduct blood tests in-house, allowing them to immediately detect any issues and administer appropriate treatment. You don’t have to search for a “veterinarian near you” to find one who offers in-house bloodwork; we already have an in-house diagnostics lab that enables us to complete these tests promptly.


Pet vaccinations protect against serious diseases such as rabies, hepatitis, and leukemia. It’s essential to get all the core vaccinations for your pet, and they may also need non-core vaccines based on their lifestyle. Vaccinations can start as early as six weeks old for your pet cat or dog. Follow your pet's recommended vaccine schedule to ensure adequate protection.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites like fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to your pet, so it's crucial to invest in flea and tick prevention to keep them safe. Nowadays, various forms of medication are used for flea and tick prevention. Consult your veterinarian to determine which medications can assist with your parasite prevention efforts.

Spaying and Neutering

Finally, you can protect your pet from troubling diseases by getting them spayed or neutered at the appropriate time. Spaying protects against uterine and breast cancer, while neutering can prevent testicular and prostate cancer.

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