Pets are an important part of a family and, like their human counterparts, can benefit from care throughout their lifetime. At Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide the right level of attention, treatment, and care your pet requires. At our Glastonbury, CT, hospital, our team of professionals will help ensure your pet’s medical needs are taken care of promptly. When you want a veterinarian near you that provides a variety of services, including surgical procedures, our team is standing by to take the call.


Surgical Services

Situations arise that sometimes require surgery. Whether it be an accident or an elective procedure, we are here to help.  Whether the surgical procedure is more involved, such as foreign object removal, or routine spaying and neutering, your pet will receive the care he needs to get and stay healthy. All our surgeries take place in well-maintained and clean surgical rooms fitted with modern equipment and using up-to-date techniques and procedures.

In-House Lab

Within our facility, we have the convenience of our in-house lab to supply us with the necessary information. The results of the bloodwork along with the information we gathered from our initial pre-surgery examination of your pet serve as guides throughout the surgical procedure.

In-House Pharmacy

Chances are your pet will require medication after surgery. We make the process an easy one by having our staff fill your pet’s prescription through our office. Our in-house pharmacy makes it easy to get your pet started on medication and on its way to recovery sooner than later.  For other items, such as specialized food, flea and tick prevention, heartworm medication, and assorted toys and accessories, we can help you make the right choices.

From bloodwork, dental care, and pet exams to microchipping and pain management, we at Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital in Glastonbury, CT, are focused on providing what you need to support your pet throughout its lifetime. Call us at (860) 633-3588 for spaying and neutering, foreign object removal, and bloodwork from a veterinarian near you. Our in-house lab and in-house pharmacy are here to help.

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