Pet Dermatology

Does your pet have itchy, irritated skin? Does a certain food or pollen seem to bother them? Pets can get allergies and skin conditions just like we can. At Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital, we offer pet dermatology services. This includes pet allergy treatment to help ease your symptoms. Find out more about how our vet in Glastonbury, CT, can help your pet.

Pet Dermatology

What Are Pets Allergic to?

Pets can have different kinds of allergies. Some of the more common types include the following:

•             Seasonal allergies

•             Flea allergies

•             Food allergies

•             Environmental allergies

Seasonal allergens can include pollen or grass that trigger symptoms during spring or fall. Fleas can also cause skin allergies due to their saliva. Ingredients in pet foods, like corn or wheat, can also cause allergic reactions. Dust and mold are examples of environmental allergens.

What Symptoms Do Allergies Cause?

For many pets, allergen exposure can cause skin problems. Your pet might scratch or even bite excessively due to severe itching or they might have reddish spots from irritated skin. Some pets may even develop secondary infections if bacteria enter through open wounds from biting or scratching.

Pet allergies can show up in other ways, however. Some pets might have digestive issues, like diarrhea, from food allergies or they might experience respiratory signs, like sneezing or coughing, with seasonal allergies.

Our pet dermatology services can test for allergies to better understand what is causing them. Once we know what is causing your pet’s allergies, we can then put a treatment plan together.

How Do We Treat Skin Problems in Pets?

This depends on a few factors, such as symptoms and type of skin problem. The first step is finding out what is causing the condition. Based on the results of our testing, treatment options may include any of the following:

•             Avoiding allergen exposure

•             Using topical ointments

•             Taking medications to relieve symptoms

•             Using flea shampoo for flea bites

Get Pet Allergy Treatment from a Veterinarian Near You for Food Allergies, Skin Allergies, and Seasonal Allergies

If you need a veterinarian near you for seasonal, food, or skin allergies in your pet, or other kinds of pet skin problems we can help. Give our team at Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital in Glastonbury, CT, a call at (860) 633-3588 to make an appointment. We can provide pet allergy treatment for food allergies, skin allergies, seasonal allergies, and more.

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